Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day Round Up

While some may despise Valentine's Day for the over-commercialised nature of the holiday because of the large number of couples who decide that the 14th of February is that one day where expensive bouquets of roses need to be given, however, some love the excuse to do something sweet for their loved one.

Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of over-inflated prices for roses, I think it's the day where a sweet gesture goes a long way to show someone you care. It's also great for brownie points and for not making anyone feel left out!

Here is a round up of things that I've aww-ed and ahh-ed at, for the past few days whilst coming up with my own cute Valentine's ideas!

I'm loving ForTheLoveOfWords Awkcards on Etsy. I can just imagine some of the awkward moments when these are given to a loved one or even a friend. Followed by plenty and plenty of laughter of course! 

NIARMENA's handmade lovers pillows are the cutest 'couple-item' I have seen! I love the embroidery design and don't forget to check out the other sweet designs.

My favourite soft toy when I was a child was a rabbit which resembled Annielov's gorgeous miniature rabbit doll charms. 

I could imagine having Raemj's gift tag doilies to be the perfect finishing touch to tie around a fresh bunch of garden flowers this Valentine's Day.

Sugar Carousel's crochet pin is sure to put a smile on your face, or a pop of colour to your clothes!

I've never been a big fan of jewelry with names or letters on them but I sure wouldn't mind Diament's Designs vintage name bracelets!

Harvard5f's cute cupid stamps!

I'm lucky I'm here in Australia to have a summer Valentine's. Wouldn't Marifu6a's crochet dress (pattern only) be the perfect beach picnic outfit?

Don't forget to take a looksies at some of my Valentine's Day Printable designs at my shop:

Happy Valentine's Day!! To your love and happiness this year :) 


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  1. So lovely. Thank you for including my doilies. Happy Valentines to everyone :)