Saturday, 26 January 2013

Welcome to Zest & Lime!

Good morning and welcome to my blog for my brand new shop Zest & Lime!

I want to start off with the story of Zest & Lime and how I got to where I am (the beginning, really).

So, I've always wanted to create my own business. I've had this itching feeling for a year that I needed to do something. It was mainly for myself, I wanted something to do in my spare time and something that I could really evolve with. The problem was I was still in uni (still am!), I didn't really know what I could do and what I could do within my means. This mainly means my financial means and what skills (or lack of) I actually have to create my own business.

I've always loved being creative and design. I self taught myself how to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator from a pretty young age and for the past few years I've done small design projects for friends, family and even companies and organisations. I could advertise myself as a freelance graphic designer but I wanted to sell something physical which reflects my personality and style. Now this is where Zest & Lime comes in, the concept is simple really - create templates for parties and everyday, send them as a customisable PDF file and you can print as many as you want for your own mini DIY project!
Now I could practice my passion, make parties, homes and offices prettier and not break the bank.

That's the short, sweet story of Zest & Lime and you probably know the rest. I spent all my free time making designs and creating templates. I printed them out and did some DIY projects and now I'm bringing it to you!

I want to use this blog as a way to showcase new items on my Etsy store, updates, freebies (oooh yay!), crafty tutorials and anything else creative on my mind.


Love, Rhiana 

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